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George lindh
managing director
Hamish gardner
Creative director
Dan Stone
Lead Videographer
Bradley Green
Lead Photographer

Why we started

Hadow Media is a boutique marketing agency that specialises in helping brands grow their online presence. We offer a range of services, from content creation, marketing strategy and implementation.

Our goal is simple: we want to create amazing videos for our clients to use to show their story in the best possible way. We want to help them grow a better online presence with high-quality content that helps turn the prying eye into a weekly guest.

We were founded on the idea that people who want to help their businesses grow and evolve can do it themselves—with our help. Our mission is simple: we help brands create a high-quality online experience by creating top tier quality content and marketing strategies.

Nepal Charity Photo


The profound realisation of the value & power of video creation came to me in the Himalayas, 2016.

My first film; Producing a charity video for Right4Children’s funding campaigns, sparked my passion and changed everything for me.

This project gave me insight into this powerful medium. A voice to communicate a story and message . Evoking emotion and empathy to make a difference. Ever since, I have been inspired and obsessed with exploring the various ways video can be used to create and real positive impact for both businesses and charities. Generating awareness and funding for the important social projects charities like Right4Children run.

Hamish Gardner
Creative Director

Why the name hadow?

Embarking on a journey through my family's history, I discovered a profound connection to Douglas Hadow, woven into the tapestry of my story. Threads of our shared bloodline led me to my 5-times great grandmother, who, unbeknownst to me, was Douglas' mother.

Douglas met his fate on the first ascent of The Matterhorn on July 14, 1865.

This realisation initiated a deep curiosity, leading me to travel to Switzerland. At the same age of 19, I stood beneath the Matterhorn, the same mountain that witnessed his final pioneering moments almost 160 years earlier.

In its presence, I felt an immediate and profound connection. The mountain, with its awe-inspiring size, shape, and beauty, became a testament to Douglas' nerve and courage as he etched his name in history as one of the first to conquer its summit.

This encounter left an indelible mark, infusing me with inspiration. What began as a pilgrimage transformed into a promise — to stand atop that very mountain and pay homage to his spirit and enduring strength.

Douglas Hadow has become a mentor in spirit, an enduring inspiration that fuels my creative pursuits. Called to adventure, I too want to go places people have never gone. In the shadows of the Matterhorn, his legacy lives on, guiding my work and infusing it with a sense of purpose and resolve to create the extraordinary.

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