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What we DO

Brand Foundations

Dive deep into your brand story and business with us, using our brand foundations approach.

Simply, a top to bottom discovery process aiming to uncover the unique messaging problems that you don’t know about.

zig   when most zag

In searching for unconventional results… we believe in unconventional process.

To find the best levers to pull in order to trigger tangible results.

Story driven emotion

If you want to leave a lasting impression, you have to create EMOTION.

We understand that every great brand creates a feeling and thats what we help you do. By charging your messaging with a feeling that connects and converts.

the trademark content game

Un-same your brand from the competition with distinctive content campaigns, with personality and key values at centre stage

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Who We are

We're more than just a Creative Agency.

We are your partners in growth & brand representation.

Dedicated to telling your unique story.

Crafted for the visionary brand leader, Hadow Media specialises in the end-to-end production of brand-progressing content.

Together, we deeply understand your unique offerings and goals. To create concepts in alignment with your core values and future vision. 

Showcasing your brand, in a way that drives results 

Every time 

Without fail

More than just a agency,
we tell your story  

Customers should never have to restart a conversation with a brand

Our Services

Content creation + Social strategy

Build a confident and loyal community-base across all social media channels to take you levels above your competition, led with your businesses personality and key values at centre stage.

Website Design

Innovative design to lay the foundation for a memorable customer experience using a mix of performance-driven data and strategy. Our speciality is Shopify, and we work exclusively with the platform on any plan.

Email marketing

We’ve just launched something new at Rebel360, partnering with AI-Generated Art tool to make epic art, brand designs, website layouts and so much more.



WE address Your needs

I am opening a new hotel and I need to develop its reputation

Increase In Direct Bookings

Brand New High Quality Content

Frequently asked questions


Why Webflow?

Webflow is the fastest growing CMS that offers an entirely new (and useful!) website backend experience.

Forget about agencies that lock you in with a proprietary CMS. Your Webflow account is yours and you are the master of your data and updates.

How much will email marketing make me?

Within 3x months of Klaviyo implementation, you should be enjoying an ROI upwards of 30% of your total sales revenue.

What can Rebel360 Do For Me?

Whether you need a guiding hand with your strategy, hands-on support to set up your account, or are ready for us to take the reins completely, we can give you tailored support packages suited to your business's age and stage.

With our in-house strategists, design, and content creation teams working as one, we'll ensure every output, be it copy, graphic, or GIF, connects with your customers.

What is Okendo?

Okendo's review software allows you to showcase customer experiences and, in turn, help ecommerce brands turn one-off transactions into customers for life. With competition at an all-time high and consumer expectations continuing to evolve, having a full view of the journeys customers are taking is critical.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a customer-centric email marketing tool that turbocharges sales by harnessing the power of email automation, segmentation, and personalisation, turning your customers from one-click-wonders into high-value, long-term brand advocates.

How quickly will I see results?

From launch, almost immediately.

Once your setup is live, you'll see the results (and your revenue) roll in via bespoke dashboards, giving you full transparency over your campaigns and your investment in us.

What is Loyalty Lion?

Loyalty Lion takes your customer engagement to the next level, rewarding your reviewers for leaving product ratings and reviews, photos, videos, Q&As, and comments.

What is Octane AI?

Tell a story, and do it all with just a few clicks with Octane AI. Plus, increase email and online sales revenue while reducing return rates.

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